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If you are a business owner with an eye on your exit strategy, you will want to do whatever it takes to get top dollar for your business.

The first thing any buyer will look at is how your business performs financially. The more cash flow a business generates, the more value it has. As the saying goes, “Cash (flow) is King”. Cash provides capital for expansion and return on investment. It provides business owners the lifestyle they imagined when they started the business and attracts investors and/or possible buyers when it is time to exit.

I know you are probably thinking there’s no news here. However creating a business with healthy cash flow is easier to say than to do. Knowing this and achieving it are two different things.

This is the number one reason I work with businesses, and why I was so attracted to the Pinnacle Principle. I learned companies that successfully implement it flat out perform better. Mediocre companies become Good, and Good companies become Great!


Because Pinnacle is a simple, holistic system that delivers results! In this process, I rope in with you and we all climb together. From day one we are making progress.

People + Purpose + Playbook + Performance = Profits

The investment in the Pinnacle climb will provide a huge return if you follow the process. Our goal, working to the summit together, is to create results, improve your quality of life, and increase the value of your businesses.