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A few years ago Libby Bierman, an analyst at Sageworks, reported the average growth rate across all U.S. small businesses was 8 percent. I can only imagine that rate of growth has at least maintained that level, if not risen. Are you ahead of plan? Do you beat the national average? If not, is it because you have issues with people, complexity or focus?

At Reventus Partners, we are obsessed with three words, and we apply them to everything we do internally as well as externally as we work with our clients.

I urge you to ponder these three words during and consider how applying them to your organization might have an impact. They are as follows:


People who value being real are people who are authentic and surround themselves with people who are also genuine and authentic. They lower their guards, are comfortable being themselves with no facades, are capable of being vulnerable, and admit their weaknesses. This typically leads to an environment that is more open and honest, where things move faster.

The opposite are people who subscribe to the philosophy of “never let ’em see you sweat.” They pretend that they are bulletproof, their guards are always up, and they feel that they always must have the answers. This typically leads to a more artificial environment, where things are bureaucratic and political.

Are you being real?


People who value simplicity are people that believe less is more, love reducing things to their bare essentials, and love rooting out and eliminating complexity. They believe in the 20/80 rule, subscribing to a philosophy of only doing the high-gain 20 percent activity that achieves 80 percent of the results and saying “no” more than they say “yes.” This typically leads to getting more done in less time with less effort and higher profits.

The opposite are people who are highly intellectual, love hyper-analyzing everything, love trying everything, love complexity, and are offended by simplicity. This can lead to organizational indigestion and analysis paralysis.

Are you keeping it simple?


People who value results are people who don’t waste time. All of their actions are in alignment with their goals. They make sure that everything they are doing (meetings, conversations, action items, and projects) is in sync with the objective. This typically leads to a high level of achievement and satisfaction.

The opposite are people who are afraid to measure, fear accountability, and tend to go through the motions. This typically leads to finger-pointing, mediocrity, and “everyone gets a trophy” environments.

Are you focused on results?

I hope being real, keeping things simple, and focusing on results gives you something to think about for your organization–and life, for that matter. Let us know if we can help.