We help entrepreneurial leadership teams implement simple, proven organizing frameworks that increase scalability, predictability, and profitability.

How much is complexity costing you?

You started your business from passion, perseverance, and purpose.
Your vision for a thriving, healthy and vibrant business kept you motivated even when things got challenging.
Your success is obvious in many ways, but it also brings new levels of chaos and complexity — from unreliable people and broken promises, to inconsistency, unpredictability and slow growth.
Your success doesn’t have to include chaos and complexity. You can achieve your vision
and eliminate what holds you and your teams back.

A New Approach

I’m an entrepreneur – zealous in the pursuit of business success and a better life for small to medium-sized companies and their owners. I help entrepreneurial companies build a simple, workable structure and operational procedures upon which to hang their dreams and ultimately, realize them. My goal is to help your business grow and profit, and help you find personal fulfillment as a business owner. Let me help you!

Mike Roth

Gain greater profit, freedom and fitness

Owning and operating a successful entrepreneurial business can seem like an endless, steep climb with danger lurking throughout. Navigating competition and market pressure, managing wrong-fit people and faulty priorities and cleaning up messes made by inconsistency can leave you exhausted, doubtful and frustrated.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your business can thrive at the highest levels of success without the danger of chaos and complexity. But it requires a consistent routine of discipline, structure, and fitness. I help visionary entrepreneurs implement a simple, proven organizing framework that elevates the four core domains of your business.


Hire, retain and coach a disciplined and accountable team


Define, align, and achieve your ultimate goal


Create a consistent, repeatable roadmap to elevate fitness in all areas of your business


Measure progress, get back on track, and celebrate winning along the way

If you’re ready to delete chaos, earn more and fall back in love with your business, please schedule your call.

We’ve helped many companies create consistent & predictable growth

Companies Guided & Growing
Average Annual Growth
Years of Experience

Your Scale to the Summit

Prep for your climb

Define your climb, form the team,
prep for your journey.

Rope up and climb

Launch with the right people, process and priorities for a successful climb.

Reach your summit

Celebrate and look out from
a point very few ever reach.

What Success Looks Like

Brenny Transportation, Inc. hired Mike Roth to help our company get on the right growth track. Mike brought vision and detail to our strategic plan. With Mike's direction we were able to organize our leadership meetings and develop a format that fit with our culture.
I recommend Mr. Roth for companies who feel stalled with their growth. If you need help getting your leadership team talking the same language, Mike is great at calling out excuses and will drill down on issues until a solution is discovered!
Mike was the catalyst our company needed to move ahead!

Joyce Sauer Brenny, President/CEOBrenny Transportation, Inc., St. Joseph, MN

I recognize that Mike has the opportunity to interface with a lot of leaders and a lot of organizations and a lot of industries. And, and I often utilize any kind of quiet time he and I have together to say, ‘Mike, how can I be a better leader? Am I doing a good job leading this organization?’ And he has told me … ‘your willingness to be vulnerable, speaks volumes.’ … We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

Steve ParejaCatholic Charities, St. Cloud, MN

We are very pleased with the processes that Mike helped bring to life at AgVenture. Being in growth mode and knowing that we needed to do more in-depth strategic planning seemed like a daunting task. Mike’s professionalism and experience served as a great guide to lead conversations and assist management and staff with sorting through top priorities for focus. Furthermore, Mike has a calm presence that allows group interaction to be maximized.

Sandy Hansen-Wolff, Owner/PresidentAgVenture Feed & Seed Inc., Watkins, MN

Thank you for bringing an operating system to Assumption.
It played a major role in building the best team that I had ever worked with.

Tim Tadych, Director of Resident ServicesAssumption Community, Cold Spring, MN

Thanks for the work you did implementing an operating system and facilitating some of the transformation we have seen over the past few years. Your skills were valuable, but I also appreciated the fact that you genuinely cared about us and were interested in helping us be better.

Mike Lehn, recently retiredCatholic Charities, St. Cloud, MN

The operating system coupled with Mike’s business acumen has really helped our leadership team to quickly create a clear vision for our company and focus on the most important issues in our business. Before working with Mike, we felt like we were working hard but not making any much progress. Now we have the right structure and a plan to achieve our goals.

Steve McClintickCo-Owner, FlexMation, Inc., Burnsville, MN

We had been self-implementing an operating system for two years but felt like we just weren’t getting the most out of it. We brought in Mike and he walked through everything we were doing, explained to us what a "pure" implementation looked like, and really helped us get rolling. We are more excited than ever about how the operating system helps us make our good company great!

Bob Leighton, PresidentLeighton Enterprises, St. Cloud, MN

We were a growing and profitable company before implementing an operating system. When we learned what our options were, we were really intrigued as to whether it could help us execute even better. With Mike’s help, we were able to openly discuss our structure and clarify everyone’s responsibilities. The process has helped our management team grow and become more trusting of each other. As a result, we are able to get through tough issues in a constructive, healthy manner.
Since we implemented an operating system with Mike, our cross functional communication has improved as has our overall performance. I would recommend it to any business that is truly interested in executing better.

Brad Goskowicz, Chief Executive OfficerMicrobiologics, Inc., St. Cloud, MN

After a few months of trying to self-implement an operating system, it became apparent to us that we would benefit from the assistance of a facilitator to help us truly understand and implement the concepts. Six weeks after our first session with Mike the changes were remarkable. The organization of tasks into rocks, issues, and to-do items has been a key component for our team in getting work done and moving our company towards our vision. This has also been instrumental for me, personally, in prioritizing my tasks and pacing my own workflow. In the past, I would get caught up thinking about all of the things that needed to be done, which reduced my ability to work productively. Now, I know exactly what tasks need attention, the timeline of the completion of those tasks, and I can dig in and get right to work on them. I would highly recommend Mike Roth as a facilitator. He has a very good way of knowing when to give the group freedom to discuss issues and when to rein the group in to ensure that the group is staying focused.

Robbie HolenIntegrator SPOT Rehabilitation & Home Health Care

We have hired consultants in the past to help us develop a mission statement and then put together a five to ten year strategic plan. When it came time to assess the previous plan and begin creating another, we were blessed enough to receive Mike’s invitation to think differently about how we can grow and enliven our parish community. The journey with Mike as our guide has been a very challenging, and rewarding process. We are excited about how this will always keep us focused on what matters and seeking to build and grow in our community.

Father Matthew Luft, OSB, PastorSt. Boniface Parish, Cold Spring, MN

Through Mike's facilitation, our management team was able to fully implement an operating system in a short period of time. This has enabled our entire management team to develop a shared vision and shared goals. It has given us a methodology to communicate direction to ensure we have the right people in the right roles within our organization and that we are focused on solving important company issues. Mike's business knowledge and experience helped us by facilitating discussions so we could focus energy on the appropriate activities and it did not feel like directives coming from ownership - it is a shared vision. We have been able to successfully implement the operating system through our entire organization and Mike is always available for questions and support.

Dave Nemec, Co-OwnerSt. Croix Cleaners, Stillwater, MN

We were doing most of this stuff before we started implementing an operating system. However, it helped us pull it all together with a structure and a discipline to move forward. In our first 60 days, we accomplished some big things that were lingering for a long time. We also, clarified our vision, team roles and accountability so everyone knows their role and is on the same page. I am really pleased with how much we got done in a short time.

Mark Muller, PresidentTelCom Construction, Inc., Clearwater, MN


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