Reventus Partners

Mike Roth

“Spend your (life) time wisely.”

I’m an entrepreneur – zealous in the pursuit of business success and a better life for small to medium-sized companies and their owners. I created Reventus Partners to help entrepreneurial companies build a simple, workable structure and operational procedures upon which to hang their dreams and ultimately, realize them. It is my pleasure to help businesses reach their full potential.

Erik Finstad

ERP Services

The company has a reputation as a strategic business leader, with a track record of leading planning initiatives that result in business growth, market penetration and expansion, mergers, acquisitions, and joint venture development. We have an outstanding record in leading and driving profitable organic and acquisitive growth through business planning and operational excellence, maintained through continuous improvement efforts.

Mike Maanum

Sales Coaching

Mike Maanum is a Fractional Outsourced VP of Sales with Sales Xceleration. He will work with your company to set up sales plans, process, forecasting and pipeline while building and coaching the sales team.

Mike is a former corporate sales executive. He draws on 25 years of broad and deep experience in national sales leadership, team building, P&L management, and business development. He helps small and medium-sized business owners break their greatest sales records.

Douglas Cook, CEPA®

Business Succession Planning

Simply put transition strategy is good organizational strategy, period. Yet 79% of owners have no detailed plan. 70-80% of businesses that go to market DON’T SELL! Only 30% of Family-Owned Businesses survive a transfer to the 2nd generation.

A succession strategy isn’t about simply exiting your business in the future. It’s about aligning actions to keep value streams growing and alive today, which best support the long-term needs of owners, their families and their employees.