What is Sales Coaching?

Sales Xceleration helps YOUR organization meet its sales vision and goals.  We start by understanding YOUR needs and then implementing the tools, build the process and ensure you have the right staff in place to support YOUR company goals.  We serve as temporary sales leader while we get your sales back on track and driving YOUR revenue growth.

Our Unfair Advantage—“We are not just strategic, we are tactical”.

We do the work for you, we do this with a proven system

  • Create a Sales Plan
  • Find your Best Customers
  • Grow your Sales
  • Empower your Team

Sales Strategy

  • Multi-year revenue forecast
  • Customer attrition and margin calculators
  • Sales goals and quotas
  • Tactical action plan

Sales Process

  • Define sales stages, (integrate into CRM)
  • Key objectives at each sales stage

Sales Management

  • Customized pipeline management tools
  • Sales forecasting tools
  • Sales metrics needed to achieve revenue goals

Hiring Plan

  • Execution of sales personnel hiring

Why should you consider bringing me on as a Fractional Outsourced VP of Sales?

My clients want to raise the bar of excellence for their sales organizations, however their orgs generally lack the experience, resources, and time necessary to get the job done.

As your Outsourced VP of Sales with Sales Xceleration, I will identify problems within your business, directly oversee your sales team to create some space for you, and help lift your profits and sales by leveraging my 30+ years of sales experience, leadership, and insight.

Contact me today at 320-309-2375 and let’s discuss how we can improve your sales.

Mike Maanum

Sales Coaching

If given the the opportunity I would not hesitate working with Mike again, he would be a great asset to any organization.

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