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How do you recruit (and retain) quality people? In a competitive job market, it may boil down to the job offer.

Ann Clifford of Safari Solutions, a recruitment process outsourcing firm, advises you to consider three things when making a job offer to avoid losing quality candidates:

  1. Expect to negotiate: Start by making a competitive salary offer in line with the candidate’s expectations, yet with a little wiggle room for negotiations. Don’t make low ball offers as that could immediately turn off the candidate and set a bad tone for negotiations.
  2. Negotiate without emotional attachment: There is nothing wrong with a candidate looking out for themselves financially, so don’t take it personally. Don’t go into negotiations trying to win at all costs or to prove the candidate is not worth what they are asking. This is not a competition to see who is the best negotiator. Keep a level head and try to find the win-win for both sides.
  3. Be flexible: If a candidate negotiates for more salary, benefits, or vacation, look for ways to meet them half way. If the cost of what they are asking for is less than the cost of going through the hiring process again, consider granting their request.

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